Standard activites of the MOSS department
(MOSS – Meteorological Observation System of Serbia)

Meteorological observation system of Serbia (MOSS) is a part of Global observation system (GOS) and consists of all the micro-locations with observations. Protection of life, property and environment are essential tasks of every state. Maintaining of observing infrastructure is the precondition for the carying out of these tasks. A group of meteorological elements and phenomena measured and observed on one location for the needs of certain branch of meteorology (work programme) makes a type of station for these purposes, and all the stations of that kind make a station network of that kind. Networks of various types of stations have many common physical components, so they are located on the same place with simultaneous operation as a rational solution in expert and economic sense. On meteorological stations the following parameters are measured and observed:
  • present weather;
  • past weather;
  • direction, speed and wind intensity;
  • quantity, type and height of cloud base;
  • visibility; air temperature;
  • air humidity;
  • atmospheric pressure;
  • pressure tendency and its characteristics;
  • extreme temperatures (minimum and maximum);
  • precipitation intensity, duration and quantity;
  • soil condition;
  • cloud movement direction;
  • special occurrences;
  • solar radiation;
  • minimum temperature on 5 cm;
  • soil temperature on depths of 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 cm;
  • soil evaporation;
  • evaporation from open water surface;
  • phenological observation;
  • soil moisture;
  • solar radiation components;
  • daily samples of air and precipitation;
  • air and precipitation gamma radiation intensity;
  • icing on conductors;
  • electric discharge.

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