(Laboratory for instruments and observation methods)

Each member country of the World Meteorological Organization is obliged to provide accurate and continual work of the equipment used in the station network as per internationally defined criteria and performances. For that purpose each national meteorological service establishes and provides conditions for the work of one national laboratory for the testing of instruments and equipment that is furnished with appropriate standards for certain meteorological parameters.

During the past 50 years of its existence, national meteorological laboratory has been gradually equipped and enlarged so as to be able to keep the pace with the development of instrumental equipment and measuring practice. Besides working with classic instruments, we are now able to meet all the new technological challenges in the domain of new meteorological instruments and equipment.

Gradual modernization in past decade and planned development in progress make possible the upgrading of measuring links, their complete or partial automatization and, in this way, also the control of all the types of electric, electronic and so called intelligent sensors together with the control and attesting of automated meteorological stations. On these pages you can get information on the equipment and methods used, overall survey of facilities for the control and attesting of meteorological and other instruments together with the news in meteorological field and regulations applied in this area.

Within the space and tasks given to the laboratory on the locations Zeleno Brdo on Zvezdara there is a spatious and well-equipped Experimental station and National center for solar radiation.
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