Services – End users request jobs

 End users request jobs
  • RHMS of Serbia is the only referential organization, with full responsibility, for providing special request services, beside operational and regular jobs in all of its’ working areas.
  • RHMS does not make standard commercial contracts, but collects allowance for non-standard services.
  • Financial resources, gained in such a way, are directed to the budget of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Those funds can be used exclusively for buying new equipment and staff education on RHMS request.
  • Rising of staff salaries cannot be made from these resources.

 Weather Forecast
  • Special short-term and long-term forecast needed for planning in agricultural works, energetics, such as heating plants, thermo-power plants, hydro-power plants, electric high lines, private boiler rooms, cooling systems, structure works, safety of traffic (road, river cargo on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro as well as Europe), winter service.
  • Special long-term and short-term forecast and severe weather warnings needed for tourist travel destinations in our country, Europe and around the World; for sport, cultural and other performances; for hotels and restaurants; for hobbies like sailing, mountain climbing, competition of carrier-pigeons, fisherman, paragliding etc.

  • Creation of climatological analyses and surveys for the needs of urbanism, civil engineering and other economic uses;
  • Specific climatologica data procession for the purpose of production and transmission of electric energy, insurance companies, legal requirements etc.;
  • Expert assistance for the creation of doctoral, master, graduation and competition papers;
  • Issuing opinions for parts of studies and projects related to climatology;
  • Procession and analysis of climatological data for the needs of courts, municipalities, private firms, individuals etc.

  • Preparing of the agrometeorological analyses and forecasts for the specific agricultural production areas;
  • Production of agroclimatic studies for designing the production and choosing appropriate agrotechnical practice;
  • Special data processing included in various agrometeorological investigations;
  • Technical support during the planning and carrying out of agrometeorological observations according to user requirements.

  • Establishing of hydrological stations and organising of measurement and observation by determined program in accordance with customer needs, controlling of station work and current maintenance of equipment, collecting, controlling and basic processing of data;
  • Hydrometric mesurements on natural water and artificial currents, springs and wells;
  • Hydrological analysis and calculations for cross sections of hydrological stations which belongs to the hydrological station network of the Republic Hydrometeorological Service, as well as on water sections for which competent data are from mentioned station network;
  • Hydrological forecasts, short-term and approximate long-term, for the purpose of building planning and exploitation of hydrotechnical objects, navigation and for other customer needs;
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