Standard activities of the hydrological forecasting Department

Regular daily tasks carried out 365 days a year:

  • Permanent monitoring and analysis of flow regime and ice conditions on rivers;
  • Real time data collection from the national network of reporting hydrological stations and from the Danube countries;
  • Primary processing and transmission of data in accordance with international standards and obligations concerned with exchange of hydrological data;
  • Secondary processing and in-depth analysis of hydrological data, runoff and river flow conditions, meteorological data and forecasts, and preparation of hydrological forecasts and warnings;
  • Issuing of hydrological forecasts and warnings of hazardous events on the national rivers (floods, low flow conditions and ice occurrence);
  • Issuing of daily and weekly bulletins on river conditions; updating of Web site;
  • Modernization and maintenance of the national real-time hydrological information and forecasting system;

Special tasks carried out during the occurrence of exceptional river flow conditions:

  • Putting into force permanent duty during the extraordinary hydrometeorological events for carrying out constant monitoring of rainfall, runoff and river flow conditions;
  • Preparation and issuance of extraordinary flood warnings and forecasts at the river profiles of importance for flood defense;
  • Analysis and preparation of report on the hydrometeorological conditions that caused the exceptional hazardous events on rivers, the quality of issued information, warnings and forecasts as well as on the Department’s activities during the flood defense period.


Methodological tasks:

  • Development and application of different methods, models and procedures for hydrological forecasting.

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