Background of hydrological observations and measurement in the Republic of Serbia

First systematic observations on the territory of Serbia started in the first half of XIX century. First water gage station in our country was established in 1812 near military fortification Petrovaradin - Novi Sad, on the Dunav right bank. After that, follows the establishing of series of water gage stations like BezDay (1856), Zemun (1859), Slankamen (1888), Novi Becej (1855), Senta (1860) etc. Before establishing of this station, observations of water stage were performed, but these observation were not connected with permanent water gage station. For example, in the hystorical archives in Sremski Karlovci, data abot water stages existed at BezDay before the permanent station was established, but it’s unknown where the location of that station was.

In the period before the World War II, for the ilustration, on the Dayube 12 water gage stations existed on which term water stage observations were mainly performed. First water flow measurements on the Dayube, for which writing documents existed, started in 1924.


Detailed background of hydrological observations is available in the download document.

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