Reporting surface water station: TITEL

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  Station: TITEL
  River: TISA
  Basin: DUNAV
  Foundation year: 1865
  KOTA "0" (m n.J.m.): 69.7
  Distance from the river mouth (km): 8.700
  Basin area (km2): 157174 
  Date: SATURDAY, 13.07.2024.
Water stage
Change of water stage
River flow
Water temperature
Stanje nivoa u profilu 261 Promena nivoa u profilu -13 *Protok u profilu Water temperature u profilu -
Tendency Ice events First flood alert
Second flood alert
Trend - 500 650
  Water stage forecast Weekly range
  Date: 14.07. 15.07. 16.07. 17.07. 10.07. ÷ 16.07.
  Water stage (cm): 263 266 261 257 230 ÷ 310


Water status in a cross - section

Water stage for later 30 Days

Diagram of characteristic water stages for perennial period with water stages graph for current year

Diagram of characteristic river flow for perennial period with hydrograph for current year

Histograms of characteristic water temperature for the period 1946. - 2001. year
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