Surface and groundwater hydrological stations network
Presentation of organizational scheme for managament of hydrological stations network and basin of major rivers, distribution of hydrological stations for monitoring of regime characteristics of surface and ground water. Basic technical data and programs which are carried out on hydrological stations.
Department for hydrological measurement and observation performed programs of systematic observation and measurement on hydrological stations of surface water and ground water of first groundwater.For that purpose this department, through its field units (regional hydrological stations and main hydrological station) performs supervision and maintenance of hydrological stations in accordance with planned development. Implementation of program of systematic observation and measurement has a purpose of identification and registration of changes of qualitative and quantitative surface and ground water characteristics.
Surface water station network
Maps of regional hydrological stations and basins. Distribution of stations on regional stations and on the basins of major rivers. Basic data about surface water hydrological stations.
Underground water station network
Presentation of regions on which are performed monitoring of ground water regime, distribution and station rank as well as basic technical data and working program.
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