Sedmodnevni agrometeorološki bilten
The survey of the most significant characteristics of conditions for growth and development or winter resting of the important agricultural crops in the previous seven-day period (Monday to Sunday). Graphical presentation of the soil moisture storage changes and daily values of other important agrometeorological parameters for selected places in Serbia. The assessment of the influence of expected weather (according to short/medium-range weather forecast) in the forthcoming period on the crop performance and fieldwork operations.
Dekadni agrometeorološki pregled
The review of numerical values of agrometeorological parameters or their qualitative assessments given for the previous ten-day period. Chosen parameters relate to heat conditions in near ground air layer and surface soil layer, precipitation and moisture conditions as well as sunshine duration. During the winter resting period, special review of the dynamics of soil moisture storage accumulation is given. Places in Serbia for which data are given were selected taking care that all significant agricultural areas be represented.
Mesečna agrometeorološka informacija
Analysis and assessment of growth and development conditions and agricultural crop performance during the month on the basis of the value of agrometeorological parameters and crop needs in given development phases. The review of dangerous meteorological events and storms and their detrimental effects in agriculture. The assessment of the suitability of weather and ground conditions for performing current field work, as well as the occurrence and spreading of plant diseases and pests on the most important agricultural crops. Agrometeorological forecast on the basis of contemporary crop performance and their future requirements, medium/long-term weather forecast and  possibility of undisturbed forthcoming field work performing.
Monthly Agrometeorological bulletin archives for the previous month:

Godišnja agrometeorološka analiza
Brief review of the most important facts related to the influence of meteorological factors on various aspects of agricultural production in Serbia, as well as their consequences during the period of one year. The analysis relates to the production year: the period from the beginning of October of the previous year until the end of September of the current year, that is, from the beginning of  sowing of the most important winter crops until the time of harvesting/picking of the most of spring agricultural crops. Annual agro meteorological analysis contains a number of relevant cartographic and graphic presentations prepared on the basis of the values of agrometeorological parameters from the territory of Serbia.
Annual agrometeorological analysis archives:

On the basis of agrometeorological data from six chosen stations on the territory of Serbia,  application of agrometeorological model CROP-SYST in the period April-October simulated the growth and development as well as yield of corn hybrids. The bulletin contains the assessment of the influence of weather conditions on the duration of vegetation period, water balance component and corn yield.





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