(standard normal period 1961-1990)

Past temperature extremes since the beginning of the measurement:

The highest temperature of +44.9оC measured on 24 July 2007 in Smederevska Palanka

The lowest temperature of –39.5оC measured on 13 January 1985 in Karajukica Bunari on the Pesterska visoravan

Air temperature is measured in open area on the level of 2 m above the ground and in special meteorological shelter that protects themometers from precipitation and radiation.

Temperature regime as a measure of thermal condition in the territory of Serbia is primarily caused by solar radiation, geographic location and relief. Also, depending on relief and slopes exposition, we find the characteristics of local climate everywhere on the territory of our country. The majority of the territory of Serbia belongs to moderate climate. South-western part of the Republic is on the border of Mediterranean subtropic and continental climate. 

July is the warmest month with mean monthly temperature in the interval from 11.0 to 22.0оC. Areas with the altitude up to 300 m have mean July temperature in the interval from 20.0 to 22.0оC, as well as some places in southern Serbia with the altitudes from 400 to 500 m. Above 1000 m of altitude, mean July temperature is in the interval from 11.0 to 16.0оC.    

The lowest temperature in the period 1961-1990 are registered in January and range in the interval from –35.6% (Sjenica) to –21.0оC (Belgrade). Absolute temperature maximum in observed period were measured in July and range in the interval from 37.1 to 42.3оC.

In Figures below variations of mean maximum and minimum temperatures for each month (coloured pillar), while thin lines give the range of absolute maximum and minimum temperatures per month for the thirty-year period. Figures are done on the basis of daily reports for GMS Novi Sad (the north of the country), GMS Zlatibor (mountainous station) and GMS Nis (the south of the country), from the period 1961-1990.

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