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Basic climate characteristics for the territory of Serbia
Climate of Serbia can be described as moderate-continental with more or less pronounced local characteristics. Spatial distribution of climate parameters are caused by geographic location, relief and local influence as a result of combination of relief, distributrion of air pressure of major scale, terrain exposition, presence of river systems, vegetation, more
Temperature regime in Serbia
Air temperature is measured in open area on the level of 2 m above the ground and in special meteorological shelter... read more
Precipitation regime in Serbia
Precipitation is one of the most important climate elements...Read more
30 year averages
Technical regulation of the World Meteorological Organization defines climatological standard normal values as “mean values of climatological data calculated for successive periods of 30 years in the following way: 1 January 1901 to 31 December 1930, 1 January 1931ato 31 December 1960, etc.”  Mean values are the most frequently used statistical parameters in climatology.The following are the Tables of mean values of appropriate meteorological values for the period 1961-1990.
Weekly bulletin
Monthly, seasonal and annual climate characteristics for the territory of Serbia
Extreme climate events
Human biometeorology is the part of biometeorology that deals with studying the influences of weather and climate on human life and more
Airport Climatology in Serbia
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